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This page is an information page answering frequently asked questions about how to buy our products.

Buying our Designs

To buy one of the designs shown on any web page please cick on the buy button on the page with the dress that you would like to purchase . You can choose the colour and size from the drop down menues and give additional details and your full measurements in the remarks box at the end of the buying process or you can email us after placing your order. The size drop down menu gives a choice of standard sizes as well as a "made to measure" option. As all our dresses are made to order you can choose a standard size and change one or two measurements or choose "made to measure" and provide all your measurements.

On purchase you will recieve an instant confirmation that the order was successful and we will reply with a more detailed confirmation of your measurements and estimated delivery time usually within 24 hours of placing your order.

Making Changes to our Designs

If you would like to purchase one of our designs, but would like some changes made please Email Us to find out if your changes are possible and to request a quote for the changes. We wil add aTop Up option for you to make the additional payment on our top up web page.

Custom Made from your own Design

 If you would like us to make a dress from your own design please Email Us a picture or sketch of your design requesting a quote. We will reply with a quote including the materials to be used and the expected delivery time.

If you are happy with the quote and would like to purchase a dress to your own design we will  up load a private web page for you to make your order and make payment when you are ready for us to make your dress. As with buying one of our own designs you can give additional details and your full measurements in the remarks box at the end of the buying process or email us after placing your order.


Please put your measurements in the remarks box at the end of the buying process or email us after placing your order
Measurements required are :
Bust (important please measure the widest part of your bust [across nipples] and please wear a bra when measuring this part. Please note that the bust measurement is not the bra size.
Under bust
Distance between nipples,
Top of the shoulder to nipple.
Shoulder to under the bust
Shoulder to under the waist (just above belly button)
Depth neckline from the hollow of the neck to the required depth
Dress length measured from the top of the shoulder (next to the neck) to the desired length including your shoe height if applicable

if the dress has sleeves

Arm hole. (at the sleeve seam (between shoulder and arm) if the dress has sleeves).
Sleeve length (measured from arm/shoulder seam on a straight arm)
Shoulder width (Distance across the shoulders)
Bicep (distance around the top arm)
* Please click on the size chart button to see diagrams showing where to take measurements.


Our Service

Our service is quite unique and successful as we give a made to measure service online  and  we cut out many of the over heads so that our customers can buy the product at a reasonable price.
We understand some customers prefer to buy from shops that have a personal touch with fitting etc and somewhere that they can try the dresses on before buying etc but this service is often considerably more than our internet price.(approx 2 to 3 times more than our internet price).

Our dresses fit our customers well. We advise them by email or call them to discuss what measurements we need and how to measure yourself correctly. Although the colour of fabric or the touch of the fabric can not normally be seen by the customer the colours on the website are a very good indication bearing in mind that colours vary on different PC monitors however where matching colours is vital we do have a swatch ordering service enabling customers to see and feel the fabrics.


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