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Tips for buying a special dress online From Pauljina Formal Gowns Direct

Online purchasing

If you have time order swatches so that you can see colours and materials first hand. When viewing colour charts on-line not all PC monitors show the same shades therefore there can be a discrepancy between the PC monitor colour and the actual colour of the material. A good website should offer a swatch service at a reasonable cost.

Always choose wisely. Choose a style that you believe will suit or compliment your figure and choose a colour that will also suit your complextion and figure. Returns are not always possible and add to the cost for all buyers therefore thinking about what is a good style for your and perhaps discussing it with someone can save a lot of heartache. A suitable style can be ruined with a poor colour choice.

Check your size carefully. Even standard sizes can be different from different manufacturers. Look at any size chart on the website so that you know their standard sizes and if a made to measure service is available take advantage of it and have your dress made to your measurements.

Ask questions. If you are not sure about something ask a question. A good website will respond to all questions within a reasonable time scale and in understanable language be it about a product or the websites integrity. (usually within 24 hours)

Check out any hidden charges. Most websites will charge delivery costs and what might seem to be a bargain may become much more expensive with expensive delivery charges and if from an overseas website you may have additional duties and VAT added when you receive it.

Online Security And Integrity

Never give any personal details on any web page that does not display the secure site padlock. Every secure website page will display a padlock symbol usually in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Every secure webpage will also start with https in the first part of the webpage (i.e. https://www.) When giving any credit/debit card details or any personal information always look for these signs of a secure webpage. Never send any personal details by email. (unless you know it is a secure email service)

Buying on-line usually allows you a much greater choice than your local High Street and can be a rewarding experience saving time and money and giving you access to services and products that are just not available locally. If you pay attention to the details and information available on a website you can pick out the sites that are not quite what they seem and shop with confidence.

These tips are not an extensive guide and do not cover all eventualities for safe shopping on-line. They do point out basic points on how to shop safer and identify rogue websites that are not what they pretend to be.

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